YOUNGJAE Video Call EVENT Terms & Conditions

Before applying to our online Video Call event, please check the Terms and Conditions below.

[Participable Channel]
SHOPEE(3 countries)
- Philippines
- Malaysia
- Singapore

LAZADA(3 countries)
- Philippines
- Malaysia
- Singapore

 [ How to Participate ]
①     Buy ‘Video Call option’ of YOUNGJAE - [The 1st Mini Album 'COLORS from Ars'] Album from Kpopmerch Shopee store(PH/MY/SG) or Lazada store(PH/MY/SG) between 23 Sep 2021 (THU) 5:00 PM ~ 12 Oct 2021 (TUE) 6:00 PM (KST)
 i.         Order cancellation won’t be accepted after the winner announcement.
 ii.         Event Album Purchase Deadline: 12 Oct 2021 (TUE) 6:00 PM(KST)
Google Form Participation Deadline: 12 Oct 2021 (TUE) 11:59 PM (KST)
②     Fill out the <google form> after your purchase (Google form is posted on both Kpopmerch Instagram & twitter @kpopmerch_inc)
 i.         You only need to fill out the Google Form once per Order
 ii.         If you purchase multiple albums in a single order ID, your chance of winning will be multiplied by the album quantity.
iii.         Participants can only apply to this event for themselves. Therefore, transferring your event opportunity to others won’t be possible.
③     Winners(18 in total) will be announced via Kpopmerch Instagram & twitter  @kpopmerch_inc on 14th Oct 2021 (THU) 3:00 PM (KST)
④     Video Call event day will be announced later.
⑤     We will contact the winners on the event day before the event via KakaoTalk based on the Kakao Talk ID provided through Google form.

 [ Exclusive Gifts ]
Ÿ   All buyers: 1 Exclusive photocard random 1 out of 3 (1 photocard per album)

Ÿ   All Video Call winners (18 in total): Album with artist’s autograph (will be addressed to winner’s name)

[ Video Call process ]
①     Video Call event day will be announced later.
 i.         Specific event time will be noticed only to the winners
ii.         Due to COVID-19 pandemic and other circumstances, the Video Call date may change
②     Please prepare one of the following messenger app of your choice beforehand to proceed the call: Kakao Talk
③    Information you have entered when applying through Google form CANNOT be changed later.
④     For the winners, please be prepared in advance, wait for your turn, and ready to receive the Video Call from our staff.
⑤     If you do not answer the Video Call more than 2 times, you may be excluded from the event.
⑥     Each winner will get 2 minutes Video Call (2 minutes total for 1 winner).
⑦     Video Call will be held 1 on 1 with the Artist. If you are not the winner or participate with 2 or more people including yourself, the Video Call will be discontinued by the staff.
(Except if you are under-aged and/or need special parental guidance.)
⑧     During the Video Call, if the content of the call is considered inappropriate, such as unreasonable demands, profanity, or demeaning comments to the Artist, the Video Call may be discontinued. Furthermore, in certain cases, the entire event may be cancelled by the staff, and your participation in future events may be restricted.

[ NOTE 1(Shipping information) ]
a.      Non-winner's albums will be shipped after the winners are announced.
b.     Winner's albums will be shipped after the Video Call event.
c.      Album versions will be sent randomly. If you order 2 albums or more in one order ID, We will ship each version as a set.
[ NOTE 2(Additional Terms) ]

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