iKON MD / GOODS iKON - iKON 2024 Season Greeting (KON HOUSE)


iKON - iKON 2024 Season Greeting (KON HOUSE)

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Dec 26th, 2023



*Out box is to only protect contents inside therefore out box damage cannot be a reason for a return or exchange. Please take an un-boxing video in case of defective or missing contents inside.

iKON - iKON 2024 Season Greeting (KON HOUSE)

(Random version / Different versions will be provided if you purchase more than one album)


[Release date : Dec 26th, 2023]


[Photobook Information & Contents]

- Outbox 
- Dual Calender
- Photobox
- Diary
Poster Set
Character File Set
Calendar Photocard Set
- Photocard Set

Phone Strap