Stray Kids ALBUM Stray Kids - GO生 [Standard Version]

Stray Kids

Stray Kids - GO生 [Standard Version]

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JYP Entertainment
Stray Kids
Release date
Jun 18th, 2020

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Stray Kids - GO生 [Standard Version]

[Release date : Jun 18th, 2020]


[Album Information & Contents]

- 3 Versions [A TYPE, B TYPE, C TYPE]
- Package Box
- Photobook
- CD-R
- Photocards
- Unit Lyric Leaflet
- 4-Cuts Film
- Secret Card
- Polaroid (*Pre-order only, Not available)

- Poster (*Pre-order only, Not available)


[Track List]

1. GO生
2. 新메뉴
3. Easy
4. Pacemaker
5. 비행기
6. 일상
7. Phobia
8. 청사진
9. 타
10. Haven
11. TOP ('신의 탑" OST)
12. SLUMP ("신의 탑" OST)
13. Gone Days
14. 바보라도 알아